Stomping Out to Get Retail Therapy: A Poem in Free Verse by Ayush Prasad


June 12, 2012 by bluberie

Stomping out to get retail therapy,

I dreamt of buying compact discs of Beethoven and Jim Morrison, at Landmark,

I dreamt of my return,

Of the unpacking of those discs,

Of the crackle of tearing wrappers,

Of the shimmering cases of those discs,

Of brochures with lyrics and names of songs,

I dreamt of the lulling of my skin under the fan,

Of the washing over of the sludge of office‐work with the soap of melody,

Of the moistening of my air‐conditioned parched eyes with hash, rock‐n‐roll and smoke,

I dreamt,

When suddenly the street ended

And I came upon a father and his naked son.

His penis,

Robed in indifference, glistening black and white,

Smeared with leaden dust, battered with the hammer of capitalism,

First choked,

Then stood up under the dollar studded flyover,

Watched Hondas and Audis hurtle by

And spat yellow venom with a steely, poisoned, red sigh.


2 thoughts on “Stomping Out to Get Retail Therapy: A Poem in Free Verse by Ayush Prasad

  1. Aarefa says:

    I thought this poem was longer…where’s the rest of it?

  2. bluberie says:

    Nopes… It was always just this long…

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