Angel in Hell


June 14, 2012 by bluberie

Angel in Hell

Girl of Six Carrying Five Litres of Water in Her Arms at Churchgate, Bombay, and Barely Managing to Hold On to Them: 14th June 2012

2 thoughts on “Angel in Hell

  1. bluberie says:

    Thanks… Hope you keep reading and letting me know what you think… This is basically the genesis of a creative enterprise that I want to take international as a website in the time to come… Enjoy… Feel free to contribute in any language… It will be put up as a collaboration… You will retain all copyrights… Pics, poetry, fiction n non-fiction, essays, creative ads that are not unethical, music clips, short films, all are welcome…

  2. bluberie says:

    sure… thanks… keep reading and contributing…

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