When We Looked Out of the Window

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November 3, 2013 by bluberie

When we looked out of the window this yellow afternoon
Twitching our fingers, coveting, palpitating
We saw clouds fade like fleeces of the candyfloss we held
Fleeces that melted without question in the warmth of our rolling tongues
And left sugary caresses as they vanished in the abyss of sensations


I felt like a snowflake
Stirred, risen and whirled round and round and round


It seemed quite close to what I had felt when I had first seen her
Ten years had passed since
Our tastes had changed
Our ways had altered
But something had stayed the same
Something that was impossible to define, speak about or grasp
But in the swiftness of disappearing clouds
But in the sticky, drunk flavour of painted, caramelised, wiry wigs of sugar


Visions sprouted. Our hearts browsed.
We were there yet again
Without escape
Our heads reeling with tons of unspent grouse

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