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November 4, 2013 by bluberie

With my eyes, I probe you

And then you probe the world around

And see things that I like

Things that others cannot see because they are our vision



My grip holds you firm

And my caressing presses make you open your shutters wide and snap

Every moment of our togetherness on which the world wants to intrude, but cannot

Because it is forever locked out of our grid of pleasure



There are times when you spew out multiple tongue-twisters every second

And wind me up

When you bind me with the speed of your capture

When you pale me with the frequency of your perspectives



Your hunger seems insatiable



And then there are times when you cock back and fall silent,


Your battery having almost run out



All I do then is tap you yet again

Wiggle my finger over your sweaty shoulders

Press your lean button

Tickle the hollows of your dark neck

Look into the depths of your back

See through your eyes

Feel your shudders as they happen

And you are ready to go

Ready for yet another shot of this wobbly cosmos of people

Ready for mountains, hills and skies

Ready for the stunned silence of chopped trees

Ready for the stillness of lovers cycling by

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